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We can help with your lighting needs!

The most popular types of lighting are Uplighting and String Lighting.

Uplighting is a dramatic, cost effective lighting technique for both indoor and outdoor events. Choose either conventional uplights with a single color or use LED uplights for a more saturated color palette and the ability to change the color scheme throughout the event, creating multiple looks and moods. LED units also use significantly less electricity for those venues where power is limited and a generator may be out of your budget.

String Lights
String lights, sometimes called bistro or market lights, string lights are a simple yet elegant way to provide warm, intimate lighting for your entire reception space. Try adding paper lanterns to add more depth and color. String lights are also a great addition to indoor spaces like ballrooms, barns and tents.

We also offer pattern projection, pin spotting, wash lighting, chandeliers and candle lanterns.

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